Ass.-Prof. Wenjie Tang

 Ass.-Prof. Wenjie Tang


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Raum: 04/625

ORCID: 0000-0003-3322-4804

Scopus Author ID: 33368306400

Research Highlights

  • Schumacher, C., Keck, S. & Tang, W. (2020). Biased interpretation of performance feedback: The role of CEO overconfidence. Strategic Management Journal, 41(6), 1139-1165.
  • Keck, S. & Tang, W. (2020). When "decoy effect" meets gender bias: The role of choice set composition in hiring decisions. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 33(2), 240-254.
  • Keck, S. & Tang, W. (2018). Gender composition and group confidence judgement: The perils of all-male groups. Management Science, 64(12), 5877-5890.
  • Tang, W. & Giotra, K. (2017). Using advance purchase discount contracts under uncertain information acquisition cost. Production and Operations Management, 26(8), 1553-1567.
  • Diecidue, E., Rudi, N. & Tang, W. (2012). Dynamic purchase decision under regret: price and availability. Decision Analysis, 9(1), 22-30.