The Place and Value of SOA in Building 2.0-Generation Enterprise Unified vs. Ubiquitous Communication and Collaboration Platform

Natalia Kryvinska, Lukas Auer, Christine Strauss

Based on an extensive examining of different industrial and research resources we have recognized that SOA is one of the most progressive IT concepts in the enterprise management. Besides, the rise of social networking in the enterprise, the adoption of Enterprise 2.0, and the use of mobile applications in business are influencing the enterprise SOA development. Thus, in this paper, we focus onto the evaluating the role and place of SOA in new generation of enterprise management paradigm, which highly relies onto the social collaboration tools. Namely, we investigate here integration challenges of main services delivery strategies. Also, we perform an analysis of SOA role in the enterprise social collaboration platform. Next, we define impact factors of social networking and social SOA onto corporate world including placement of a social collaboration layer in new enterprise architecture. And finally, additionally to SOA strategy, we introduce a Syndication-Oriented Architecture concept, defined as a middleware for connecting applications to users, and explore its importance for enterprise collaboration platform.

Institut für Rechnungswesen, Innovation und Strategie
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ÖFOS 2012
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